Djembe Rhythms Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

MoRhythm-Africa App Tutorial, v. 1.0/1.1

Monette Marino gives a demonstration on how to use her App to practice and learn West African Djembe & Dunun rhythms. New features and rhythms will added ...

Darbuka Rhythms Application

App Store: Google Play: ...

EdTech Summit Africa 2015 - djembe app

Making a djembe app with your smart phone.

Djembe Drum Jam

Djembe Drum Jam is a virtual version of the diabolic ethnic musical instrument Djembe Drum. You can use it anywhere in the street jams or enjoying ...

Brasil Percussion Android APP "Samba2go"

Impression - Brasil Percussion Android APP "Samba2go" (best Sound with ear-phones or PA)

Djembe App 'Djembe African Percussion': Kpanlogo

Ein kleiner Scherz: Kpanlogo gespielt auf meinem Smartphone Xperia Neo mit der App 'Djembe African Percussion'. Ich bitte, die rhythmischen ...

NotateMe Tutorial - Part 1

How to use NotateMe on iOS to write drum notation: quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes; bass drum, snare drum and hi-hats.

Tabla dancer android app cover video

You can download it here: Tabla Dancer Show Enjoy playing the best ...

Real Percussion APP Review-Immer schön im Takt

Trommel Kuhglocke Hi Hat spielen alles geht mit dieser App und mit ein bisschen Taktgefühl geht das ganz gut ab.

iPhone & iPod Touch app - Drum Box demo

Drum Box 1.0 on iPhone & iPod Touch , Drum Box is the applicaiton that you must have on your iPhone/iPod touch especially for an Acoustic Music drummer ...

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